Artwork and Architecture of Iceland

One thing you may notice as you walk the streets of Reykjavik and other urban areas of Iceland is that most of the artwork looks and feels like the landscapes of Iceland. The art galleries are filled with sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs all showing either an emotion evoked or a literal interpretation of the landscapes you experience as you …

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Why so many animals on the highways?

In May the lambs are born, stay for one or two weeks at the farm, and then the gates are opened! The Icelandic sheep goes wherever she wants with her offspring the whole summer. Nothing stops her. She goes up and down mountains and valleys, crosses rivers and bridges, and is very difficult to catch. The benefit is that the lambs eat wild plants and grass, which is why the lamb meat is …

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Can puffins fly?

Puffins are not good flyers, like eagles or hawks, but they fly! They have short wings and thus have to move them fast in order to move their heavy body around. During the nesting time they fly back and forth from their nest. Their nest is in a hole they dig into the ground and from the hole they fly …

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