Want to Self-Drive in the Icelandic Highlands? On a Super-Jeep?

When self driving in the Icelandic Highlands security is a priority. When driving on (sometimes) difficult gravel roads you need a good and reliable vehicle. Our SUV's are modified toyota Land Cruisers, higher than normal, on bigger tires, 35" and 38", with snorkel preventing the engine to choke when crossing deep rivers.

When you rent one of our SUV’s we teach and train you to control the SUV correctly and in a safe way. We teach you to deflate the tires before you enter the gravel road, and inflate them again when you return to the asphalt road. We teach you how to cross rivers, how to use the 4 wheel drive and the importance of locking the drives.


super jeep tour to Thorsmörk

Super Jeep

On way to Kerlingarfjöll

Crossing one of the rivers

Super jeep tour to Secret Circle tour


You can enjoy the Icelandic nature more on our SUVs. And drive safer.