The small things

There are many things to consider when you travel in Iceland. If you´re coming for the first time to the island you might want to visit the most popular spots like the Golden Circle (Thingvellir National park, Geysir and Gullfoss waterfall), The Blue lagoon and the Black Sand Beach to name a few. And that´s what most travellers do.

On the other hand, if you decide to travel on a private tour, let´s say with Glacial Experience, you´ll have the opportunity to see things, visit places that other travellers don´t. You can do the Secret Circle, which is an alternative to the Golden Circle. In that case we´ll take you to the beautiful and magnificens waterfall Háifoss. On the way to the Háifoss waterfall we´ll stop and visit the Hjálparfoss waterfall as well as the Gjáin canyon.


By Háafoss

You´ll also have the opportunity to see the Gullfoss waterfall from the other side of the canyon, from the east side. And what is more, you´ll most probably be there alone, watching the crowds of tourists on the other side.

There are also other kinds of places you wouldn´t expect to visit when travelling in Iceland. We sometimes take our guests to people´s homes so they can both meet locals, see and learn to know the life that is lived by normal families. Two examples are the farmer families at the farms Bjarteyjarsandur and Miðás.

After a visit to the Into the glacier ice tunnel in Langjökull glacier, we can pass by the farm Bjarteyjarsandur for dinner. The family serves their own lambs and we have the opportunity to go see the sheep in their sheepsheds.




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