Wonders of the Highlands - Private Tour

A private tour to the Icelandic highlands is your dream coming true! You´ll be traveling over one river after the other (no bridges!), from one mountain to another, from one breathtaking view to another. This is a private tour and you have all the flexibility you want. Almost.


This is a dream tour that few people do. The six days tour include four days on the highlands, away from the national roads where we´ll have to cross quite a lot of rivers, hike to beautiful places and just stop, go out of the SUV, turn the engine off and enjoy the silence. A 1-3 hours hike is involved in every one of the four days, all depending on your physical level and interests.

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Day 1
Arrival and city tour in Reykjavik

The first day is the day of arrival or the day is planned depending on your time of arrival. If you are coming from the United States you´ll probably arrive early in the morning and why not go straight to the Blue lagoon? You won´t anyway be able to check in to your hotel until 2 pm (unless you pay for it).

Day 2
Geysir, Gullfoss and Kerlingarfjöll

We start our trip from Gullfoss waterfall, that´s where the highlands begin, and we drive to Kerlingarfjöll, a beautiful place with accommodation, geothermal energy and mountains and hills in all colours. We stay there overnight in a newly built guesthouse. We go hiking in Hveradalir, a geothermal and colourful area nearby. If you have the energy we hike to the top of the mountain Snækollur (1482 m). After hiking we return to the accommodation for dinner and night rest.

Day 3
Leppistungur trail, Gullfoss from the other side, Laxárgljúfur Canyon and Háifoss

Now the real super jeep tour begins. We drive a road where very few go, we can expect to meet no one the whole day, but we´ll enjoy the scenery of the wild, untouched and wide wilderness of Iceland. This is where the sheep roam over the summer months until the farmers come on horses to round them up in September. We drive south to Gullfoss and walk to the east side of the river where the water falls down into the deep canyon. You´ll have a view that very few experience, Gullfoss looks very different from this side. We then continue eastwards, make a stop to see the beautiful Stóru-Laxárgljúfur canyon. We´ll have the picnic lunch on the way and the last stop today is by the Háifoss waterfall before we continue to Hrauneyjar for dinner and night rest in Hrauneyjar.

Day 4
Sigalda, Landmannalaugar, Fjallabak nyrðra and Eldgjá

What is so interesting about this trip is that you´ll experience a totally new landscape and a different type of nature every day! Today we drive towards the Landmannalaugar where you´ll see all the colours of the rainbow in the mountains and hills. We will stop at Landmannalaugar where you have access to bathrooms and visit the Mall in the bus! There are endless opportunities for hiking, long and short, and we will hike as much as your energy and interest allow. After spending a good time in Landmannalaugar we´ll continue eastwards and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this magnificent place until we´ll reach the Eldgjá canyon. We will walk from the parking lot to the beautiful waterfall Ófærufoss. We continue from there to our accommodation in Hrífunes.


Day 5
Fjallabak syðra, Mt Öldufell, Mt Mælifell, Emstrur, Einhyrningur, Fljótshlíð and to Reykjavík

We drive from Hrífunes and continue to the so-called Fjallabak syðra road. We continue towards mountain Öldufell and pass by the Hólmsárfoss waterfall. We enjoy the outstanding, beautiful and spectacular nature on the way, rivers, glaciers, mountains in all colours. When we arrive at Mt. Mælifell we have the option to hike to the top of it, it´s an easy hike but if we´re lucky with the weather the view is exceptional. We continue to the canyon of the glacier river Markarfljót and from there we start our journey to the accommodation, whether it be in Reykjavik, on the south coast or in Keflavík, by the international airport.


Day 6
Day of departure. Visit the Blue Lagoon or just relax.

This is your last day in Iceland, this time. You decide how you want to spend the day if you want to browse the town of Reykjavík, relax or entering the Blue Lagoon on your way to the airport. We will drop you off at the airport.





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