Game of Thrones locations in South Iceland

With its epic landscapes and generous tax breaks, Iceland has become an attractive destination for film producers with big-budget films shot here, such as Justice League, Thor: The Dark World, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Prometheus and The Fast and The Furious, to name a few.

Many TV series have also been shot in Iceland, like Sense 8 and Fortitude, but the series most people are most interested in is Game of Thrones. This immensely popular show has been using Icelandic locations since its second season and has filmed extensively in both north and south Iceland.

Although you wouldn’t be able to visit all the locations in one day, you could cover many of them by taking a Game of Thrones tour. One of the more popular tours is offered by GrayLine Iceland and guided by an Icelandic actor who has appeared as many different auxiliary characters throughout the series and has some great behind-the-scenes stories to tell.

Depending on the time of year, a typical Game of Thrones tour of South Iceland might visit any of the extraordinary locations listed below:

  •    Thingvellir – A world heritage site of geological and historical significance where numerous different scenes were filmed, including The Bloody Gate scene when Lord Baelish and Sansa Stark travel to the Eyrie (S4E05). It also featured in the scene where The Hound and Arya take the same route in (S4E08) and in an episode where the Thenns and the Wildlings meet South of the Wall (S04E01).
  •    Nesavellir – A geothermal area in south-west Iceland riddled with gorgeous trails and smoking hot springs. One trail leads to the location where Arya and the Hound meet Brienne of Tarth before an epic fight scene ensues (S04E10).
  •    Thórufoss – A waterfall in Mosfellsdalur valley features as a Meerene location where Drogon the dragon hunts for goats (S4E06).
  •    Gjáin – A lush ravine in Thjórsárdalur valley with wildflowers, babbling brooks and waterfalls. This is where Arya practices her water dancing and the Hound isn’t impressed (S4E05).
  •    Thorveldisbæinn – A reconstruction of the ruins of the Saga age farm at Stöng. Also located in the Thjórsárdalur valley, this location is where the Wildlings and Thenns attack Olly’s village (S4E03).
  •    Mýrdalsjökull – This glacier in South Iceland doubled as The Fist Of The First men in season two.
  •    Höfðabrekkuheiði – This popular hiking area near Vik appears as the frozen wastes of wildling territory beyond the wall in season two.
  •    Reynisfjara – The famous black sand beach next to Vík features in season seven as the beach in Eastwatch-by-the-sea.

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