Winter tour on South Iceland - Group Tour

This tour is for travelers who find private tours too expensive, the narrow, slippery Icelandic roads too scary and would like to travel for 6 days on the south coast of Iceland with other like minded travelers.

Obviously, the downside is less flexibility compared when you travel only with your family or friends, or just by yourself.

We at Glacial Experience want to give people the opportunity to travel with us in a group, up to 20 people. We have planned this trip from long experience: People love the south coast and its beautiful, well known places like the waterfalls and black sand beaches. You´ll see all that in our tour. But we´ll give you more: we have added a super jeep tour to the trip, taking you on modified big SUV´s towards the highlands, where we´ll cross several rivers, drive inside one glacier lagoon that broke and emptied in the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010, as well as stopping in front of one of the rocks from Game Of Thrones. We´ll head North of The Wall.

We also know that travelers love hiking on a glacier and visit one of the natural ice caves in a glacier. That´s why we have added these activities to the tour.

This is why we came up with this group tour: to deliver all the quality of a private tour to more people in a way that is affordable.