We make your dream come true!

Let us design your private tour in Iceland. We´ll take you to places you´ve never dreamt of.


IMG_3709We´ll show you the hidden secrets of the island. You´ll travel with the owner of Icedaytours, Mr. Kjartan Valgardsson, a qualified driver-guide who speaks 5 languages, at least.

Whether you´re interested in hiking on a mountain, a glacier, entering an ice cave, learning about the Sagas of the Vikings, or even meeting some Vikings, or just enjoying the beauty of the icelandic nature: We would be happy to assist you.

Our webpage shows you only the possibilities, where we could take you. But most important of all is that we tailor make your trip: You tell us what
you´re interested in, what you want to see or experience, and we´ll help you to make your next trip að dream come true.


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