Exclusive Retreat - 7 Days Experience

A truly unique way to experience the best sides of Iceland, visiting the Golcen Circle, travelling to Þórsmörk (Thorsmork) on a super jeep, experiencing lava and glacier from within and feeling the ultimate luxury at the new Blue Lagoon Retreat 5 * hotel and spa.

You´ll experience Iceland in a unique way, staying the first two nights in the new luxury Blue Lagoon Retreat five star hotel and spa. We´ll take you to the magnificent volcanic cave Víðgelmir and the ice tunnel in Langjökull glacier, where you will see the glacier from within. We stop at Hraunfossar waterfall where you can see the glacier water flowing out from the lava after having travelled through and under the lava, filtered from all dirt and sand and flowing totally clear to its own river again.

We travel the so called Golden Circle which is basically three stops: at Thinvellir National Park where you can see the two tectonic plates seperate and where the settlers from Norway founded the parliament in the year 930, making it the oldest parliament on the world. We go see the Geysir (geyser) geothermal water spout, Gullfoss waterfall and the Secret Lagoon, an old geothermal swimming pool built in 1891. We stop for lunch in the Friðheimar tomatoe farm where we´ll have their delicious tomate soup with home baked bread, and, if you like, Bloddy Mary as well as tomatoe juice and tomatoe ice creem. You can add snowmobile tour on Langjökull glacier as well as a horse riding tour to this day, if you´re interested.

Now is the time for a Super Jeep Tour! We travel on a modified SUV with big tires to Thorsmörk, a wonderful place close to where the infamous Eyjafjallajökull glacier eruption took place in 2010. We deflate the tires, making it more comfortable to drive on the uneven gravel road, we visit the Nauthúsagil narrow canyon where your challenge is to return with your feet dry! We continue along the mountains, crossing between 15 and 20 rivers and driving in to a huge glacier lagoon that broke in 2010 and is now empty, allowing us to enter and drive almost to the glacier itself. We lunch in a place called Básar, your driver guide will fire up the grill and bbq you a delicious filet of Icelandic lamb.

Day 6 in this trip is the day you´ll see Iceland from above: we go on a helicopter ride to see the glaciers from above as well as the long black beach of South Iceland. We´ll land and have a nice lunch in a secret place!

After an intensive week it´s time to spend the last night at the Blue Lagoon Retreat five star hotel and spa, allowing you to enjoy the various services in the spa, guaranteeing a total relax of body and mind before you leave the country next day. The airport is only a 15-20 minutes drive from The Blue Lagoon.

Needless to say, but you´ll be travelling in new luxury vehicles!





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